Charter Portofino was born from the passion for the sailing and the boats of Luca Jaccarino and Gaetano Mussini.
Luca Jaccarino has thirty years of experience in finance and management of collective accommodation facilities, it has always been committed to the testing of the innovative products for the users. He started very young his career at the Gigi Figoli School of water skiing where he met in the eighties with the celebrities who frequented Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure.
Gaetano Mussini, son of Giorgio, founder of the homonyms yards, made the boating passion become his reason for living, in fact, when he was six, during the summer he used to accompany the tourists from the mainland up to the buoys where their boats were moored; currently he is an important contractor and master carpenter.
Today, through the company “Quality Life s.r.l.”, it has been created a brand synonymous with luxury and an extreme focus on the customer’s needs.
Charter Portofino offers its customers two kind of contracts to allow you to enjoy a wide variety of services in the context of an area of outstanding natural beauty and absolute privacy; the rental of a boat is the ideal platform for the exploration of the most different places: from the romantic hideaways to the iconic locations, all of this comes with a service that is beyond compare.
Charter Portofino also proposes an innovative formula that allows you to have only the best of a yacht: thanks to the book of 10 hires, fully customizable, you can not only enjoy a discount of 10% on the total value of the rental but enjoy freely the privilege to have a boat without bearing all the burdens resulting therefrom.
Because we at Charter Portofino know that the sea should be only a pleasure, we are committed to offering only the best to our customers.

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